Year 2 in what has been a bit of a hit and miss year over at Litrauant.

This year has seen an awful lot of changes – job, city, country.

But Advent is Advent. So – like last year the Advent stories will form a serial with an obvious plot line and successful conclusion.

And like last year, we shall see.

Also changing this year is the Photographer. This year we are graced with the photographs of Martine Pedersen, who contributed this story at the main site.

Happy Reading.

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One final thing – last year’s story can be found here. And that book? Really – it’s coming.


December 1: RU-D01F

December 2: Empty Chairs

December 3: The Totaling of Morality

December 4: Awake


December 5: The Wishing Flags

December 6: Down

December 7: Windows

December 8: The Vault

December 9: Ladies and Gentlemen

December 10: Light

Crappy BT

December 11: Westerfield’s Burden

December 12: Derek’s Last Stand

December 13: Sun on a Landing Pad


Decemeber 14: Trip Trip Trapping

December 15: Further Down

December 16: Once Upon a Time

December 17: All Change

December 18: Shelter

December 19: Amongst the Dead

December 20: Wonderland

December 21: Let There Be –

December 22: Like Stones on a Beach

December 23: The Hammer Falls

December 24: The Forest of Lights

December 25: Endings

So – a story told in fits and starts, that slipped a little, but got there in the end.