“Can you stop that fucking noise!”

The new recruit looked both lost and terrified. “I…I don’t know how to. this is my first time.”

Nathan pulled up, span on his heels and ran to the new guy. He grabbed his shoulders and stared into his eyes. “Listen to me. The station is shutting down. We have lost power, we can’t kick start the auxiliary power. Soon, the heat will drop. We have to do something, and I can’t think with that on. I don’t care what you do – find a way of turning the damn thing off.”

He span round and ran further into the complex. “Fucking Wonderland.”


The sirens stopped, but the lights remained red. Nathan stared at his blank screen. For some reason Emergency Power didn’t cover the computers.

“Great. Now what?”

“Sir?” The new recruit spoke behind him. Poor bastard. What a day to join.

“Yes?” Nathan took a deep breath. “Sorry. It’s…not so great a day. What can I do.”

“It’s the heat, sir.”

Further down to the bowels of the chamber, and the main boiler.

The dial was dropping. “I’m not plumber. But that can’t be good.” The new guy was a master of understatement.

“We need to get power back up and running. The computers are down. Navigation’s down. We need everything up so we can guide them in. Listen, Greg, we have to pull this off. There’s a lot of people who count on us. I think we have a secondary supply that runs off the grid but it’s outside. My version of me showed me it once, but that was years go. I didn’t think I’d need to remember. I’m going to go topside and search for it. You stay here and check that screen. As soon as something comes on, you message me.”

The new guy nodded.

“Come on, Greg. It’ll be ok.”


Nathan looked out through the snow storm. “Of course there’s a bloody snow storm.”

Where to start. Everything in Wonderland was hidden. So if it was stored anywhere it’d be buried or disguised.

He kicked through the snow. Somewhere there was a power inlet. There had to be wires or something. They couldn’t build that all into the ground.

Could they?


Gregory looked at the computer. He couldn’t believe that they were down. They were the central hub of the building. He checked the machine. Absolutely dead.
He went through the wires. All connected.

He followed through to the control room. Everything was dead there too.

Power station next.


Nathan was face down in the snow. He’d found the wires. There were a fair trek away from the entrance. He didn’t want to think about where they fed in from.

The radio came to life. “Nathan. I’ve clocked it. Quick – get back here.”

“On my way.”

“It’s the power routers. There’s a machine wired up to them – off the main supply. You can prioritize the auxiliary power feeds. No-one had. We’re ok.”

“You, my friend, have earned yourself a drink from the special cabinet. Get up to the main floor and see what our guests are up to.”

Nathan reached the top of the steps when he got one word from Gregory.


“Greg? Greg. What is it?”

“Nathan, get here. And hurry.”