At another landing site’s lights came on.

Where it had managed to route power from was a mystery. It was out in the middle of no where, and long been forgotten.

The wind picked up, and shook some poles. In the distance a god barked. No flags have been hung here. The only decorations on the poles are traces of rust.

This site didn’t see any riots, but it suffered its share of pain. Tears of children, the doubt of adults. It all happened here.

As The Collapse took hold, people cared more about surviving and less about hoping for miracles and visits stopped after the third year.

But, tonight something was different. There is expectation in the air.

There must be, why else would we be in this god forsaken place?

Maybe not so forsaken. It hadn’t witnessed bombs that fuse bodies together. It didn’t suffer the unrelenting hunger of Shopmas.

One of the lights switched from halogen white to amber.

And another.

Then another.

Something had changed.

Something was coming.