Jody and Westerfield came off the roof together.

She had no idea he was working the case. When she arrived the police were all over the building and she only ever dealt with were uniforms.

He had no idea it was her bar that had got hit. Though, as she pointed out, there’s not many bars with giant robots on them.

Though his counter of 12 steps and a serial killer case that had been going for years was pretty solid.

They talked about old times. Old cases.

Halfway down she paused and looked back they way she came.


Nathan stands at the bottom of the steps and looks up. He’s on his way to pick up his second. Derek retired last year. It’s up to him to man Wonderland now.

But this year it was different There wasn’t as much chatter. It was like they just weren’t interested.

Nathan quietly wonders how long they have left.


The boys slide down the ladder to the jetty and run to their home. Their mum will be in soon and then need to look like they’d been there all day.

Just before going below deck Aaron looks up. He could have sworn someone was watching him.


He looks down into darkness.

And is happy to have it look back into him.