Jody looked down on the old building. She remembered when she was little. Her grand-dad took her here and watched the government ships come in to distribute presents.

The whole area was bathed in lights, and these glowing ships would sail, soundlessly over head. She remembered being told it was aliens.

She blushed at how stupid that sounds, now.

The money, or the good will, ran out and that was that. Now it was a Jet-Pad. She waited for the safety light to come on, paid the taxi driver and slipped out of the vehicle.


Westerfield stood and looked up at the building. The penthouse windows calmly staring back.

There was something wrong. This one didn’t fit. Why the delay in the call? Why were the eyes taken out? That wasn’t what he did. He missed something up there.

He stood and stared, not seeing the building.

A jet vehicle landed, breaking his reverie.

He crossed the street and made his way up.


For the next hour and a half, Jody sat through a thorough examination of her accounts, her projected income. She argued with adjusters and fought for her position.

In the end she did something she promised she wouldn’t. She invoked her past. He last job. Her Grandfather’s name.

It was another half an hour before she got everything the asked for.


The eyes were by the window. The body was in the bed. There was only the body in the bed. Only…

Westerfield checked the sheets.

They were organic.

He pulled his spime. “It’s Westerfield. Jack – pull up the old man’s autopsy…Yeah. Now.” Christ. Where did they find them? No wonder he resists a partner. “Tell me. What did we find? Tissue. Organic material – what did we find?”

He took a deep breath and counted to 10.

“Was there anything not-” Screw 10. “You know what? Just send it to my spime.”

Seconds later he got his answer. There was nothing. It was just the old man.

“I need a crime lab team. Yep, The Triangle. Penthouse sweet. Tell them to land in the jet pad. I need them to check something out. I think the body was moved. And I need an autopsy check. I need to know if the stress on his body was the same on the others. Yeah. I have a hunch.”


Jody walked up to the roof. It was a shitty day, but her future was hers to command now.
There was a guy on the roof too. He looked like he was waiting for something too.

The cloud broke.

She walked to catch a little of it, passing her companion. “Hey Charlie.”

She stopped and turned. “Charlie?”